Mark Thurow
5603 SE 54th Ave
Portland, OR 97206



To continue to apply my technical and creative skills to the entertainment industries.

10+ years experience in the electronic games industry.
4 additional years in 3D modeling and design.


-Game Design

-3D Art


-Level Design




Game Designer/Managing Partner

Crucial Games, LLC, Portland, OR, 2007-present

-Formed Crucial Games after a publisher expressed interest in our 'Cannon Battle' game.
-Assembled team of industry veterans to develop the game.

-Took the project through contract negotiations with the publisher. Deal fell through in early 2009 after the economic crash.

-Conceived and initiated innovative Kinect/Move project. Recruited a well-established game studio with Kinect and Move experience as a partner.



IATSE Local 28, Portland, OR, 2011-present

This is a side job that I do occasionally when they need me and I have the time.

-Electrician, WWE Monday Night Raw television show.

-Carpenter, Wheel of Fortune television show.

-Grip, Roger Waters: The Wall live concert.

Liquid Development,
Portland, OR, 2006-2007
- Create art assets for major video games using 3D Studio MAX and the Unreal Engine.


Product Developer / Entrepreneur
Portland, OR, 2004-2006
- Co-developed, tested, and promoted a new extreme sports product. WakeKite was ultimately purchased by Hyperlite, a leading wakeboard manufacturer.

Game Designer
Portland, OR 2004-2005
- Designed branded Flash games. Focused on seamlessly integrating brand messages with enjoyable and engaging gameplay.

Game Designer/Level Designer
Cryo Studios
North America / DH Interactive, Portland, OR, 1998-2001
Game Designer, 'Universal Monsters: Dracula' Video Game (cancelled in pre-production).
- Wrote all design documentation for the project.
- Led Design team through pre-production; moderated design meetings.
- Extensively researched Dracula, vampires,
Transylvania, London, Universal Monsters.
- Adapted the Dracula legend to create a compelling interactive experience.
- With Lead Level Designer and Lead Programmer, evaluated and selected from several major commercial 3D game engines.
Level Designer and Co-Game Designer, 'Hellboy: Asylum Seeker' Video Game.
- As member of the design team, contributed to all aspects of the game design.
- Built levels and created interactive and non-interactive animated sequences using proprietary scripting language and 3D level editor.
- Worked with engineering team to augment and modify scripting language and level editor.
- Ordered, approved and implemented character animations. Mapped controls for all characters.
- Approved all environment art assets. Worked with art team to tweak as necessary.
- Wrote dialog that was directly approved by Hellboy's creator.

3D Artist
Aramat Productions, Wilsonville, OR, 1996-1998

Artist, 'Dead Unity' Video Game (cancelled in production).
Used 3D Studio MAX to create prerendered background art for this ’Resident Evil'-type PlayStation adventure game.
Created collision data and trigger info using proprietary 3DS Max plugins.
Artist, 'Decopolis' Video Game (cancelled in production).
Created prerendered background art. This project was essentially similar to 'Dead Unity'.
Aerostar International, Sioux Falls, SD, 1993-1995

- Designed 'special shape' hot air balloons and other custom inflatables in a CAD/CAM environment.
- Developed and refined system for using 3D AutoCAD models to design inflatables. This allowed Aerostar to produce more complex shapes than had previously been possible.
- Developed system for using 3D digitizer to design internal structure of helium parade balloons.
- Lead Designer on several high-profile projects, including a Space Shuttle inflatable (1:1 scale), F-16 decoy inflatable, 20' Honda 4-Trax inflatable, 'Nozark' and 'Grocery Bag' special shape hot air balloons, and more. Also worked on projects for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, the Disney theme parks, and Pink Floyd.
- Used 3D Studio to create conceptual renderings of proposed inflatables for Aerostar's sales team.
3D Artist/Animator
Family Entertainment Concepts, Boulder, CO, 1992-1993

- Founded 3D animation business which served as an exclusive subcontractor to CompuMotion of Denver.
- Artist and Animator, 'Spelvin Goolie: Private Eyeball' educational CD-ROM.
- Created several forensic animations, including auto accident simulations and medical visualizations.
- Created a visualization of a groundwater contaminant remediation proposal for the PR department of a major petroleum company.

Professional Training Center, Denver, CO, 1992
3D Animation
Hennepin Technical College, Eden Prairie, MN, 1992
AutoCAD 3D Modeling
University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, 1991
Computer Graphics and CAD
Normandale Community College, Bloomington, MN, 1990
Computer Science
Northern State University, Aberdeen, SD, 1984-1986
Art and General Studies